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A Transition Phase

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Friday, October 31, 2008


A Thank You Note for October '08

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

Peace to all & may Allah enlighten us all.

For this month of october, i have decided to list the things that i am grateful for. More of the people whom i am grateful to.

Allow me to start. In no order of merit, i would like to express my love and gratitude to the following honourable people:

This month has been a blessed month of 'Eid and there are so many people i want to thank personally and do not have the chance to. So along the way, i will thank those in my writing.

I would like to thank 1. Noor Sarah Abdul Rahman. Her letter although was written some time ago, touched my heart yet again. Whenever i read that letter, i felt she was telling me to steadfast my iman. And uphold what is right. Her message really seep through my heart and it serves as a great reminder for me to display a high standard of akhlaq/behaviour despite my failure to do so.

My deepest thanks to 2. Rizhan Leman for guiding me especially in the light of deenul islam. For answering my questions, without which i will be lost and further astrayed from the true path. Thank you Rizhan for all the knowledge you have shared and the unconditional love you have showered on me.

3. Azhar Ismail, thank you for being such a great admiration to me up to this moment. I am always humbled by your actions, thoughts and words. Having you in my life just adds more value and meaning to my journey.

4. Mas'uud Samsudin, thank you for showing me a great deal of humility and peace. Your presence gives me a huge confidence in leading my daily life. I cant thank you enough for those lessons you teach with so much wisdom that soothe my heart, whether you know it or not.

I need to thank 5. Afandi Zainol Abideen for his patience toward me. His dire hunger for success inspires me. Most importantly, it reminds me to set my drive toward success. Thank you Afandi. And a apologies to you for my harsh words at times. Thank you for showing me that you care for others.

I must also extend my gratitude to 6. Fadzuli Abdul Wahab. Your sense of humility and your urge to share and teach others especially in the internet marketing world, humbles me. Thank you for the words of advice and the ticket to the Smart Seminar! Yeah! May Allah bless you always and guide you toward your goals!

7. Nurhannah a.k.a Umm Sofiyyah. Thank you for your interesting blog posts. I never fail to learn something new. You taught me alot about being open and sincere through your words in your beautiful blog. I'm sorry if i spurred any animosity in your blog. I understand why some people may differ in opinions.

Thank you to a dear friend of mine, 8. Nadiah Syafawati for having that deep trust in me. For allowing me to be apart of your wonderful team, MCMS. It is a great honour to be working with individuals who aspire to be great in personal and organizational setting.

9. Hafiz Hussain. Thank you. At large, i am very grateful that i 'met' you again for the first time. Your presence made a huge difference now. I am going to value this relationship as i know that we are here for a common purpose and may we assist each other in reaching our goals. Thank you for having this great team/group.

10. Ameerah al Mutahar, thank you for being a great inspiration. Your spirit to help others never fail to touch my heart. Thank you for the books you lent me. Thank you for the books that you gave me. I am indeed grateful to know you. And it saddens me to see you leave Singapore. May Allah bless you always, Ameerah.

I need to thank 11. Gajendari for trusting me and thank you for your willingness to learn from me although i knew too little. Thank you for travelling all the way from the west to Tampines just to seek knowledge.

Thank you 12. Latiff Rahim for guiding me in my journeyto internet marketing success. You are a great mentor. And your sense of unselfishness is the source of inspiration for me to give back to the community.

Thank you 13. Diana Sabrain for sharing your beautiful stories and insights on female and business during our outing with the rest of the internet marketers, together with Mark Joyner, Ewen Chia, Jaz Lai, Edmund Toh, Harold Hsu, Joseph Then, Han Ayden, Latiff Rahim, Shafir, Andy Iskandar, Paul Lim & Andy Henry.

I would love to thank the 14. ApexCo for coming together and having our last formal meeting before the exams start. Thank you Farhana Munshi, Hamizah, Noor Sarah, Ikhsan, Huzaifah, Shahiddin, Azhar, Syaheer & Mas'uud! The passion that emancipates from you guys gives me strength to serve people. Thank you guys! You guys rock!

15. Salwa, thank you to you for allowing me to learn a great deal about so many things. From relationships to work issues. Having you to share your experience and feelings benefits me in so many ways. Thank you Salwa for your enduring trust in me and thank you for believing in me when people put me down.

I must also thank 16. Walid for his great character. I learn so much from you. The fact that you put the effort to bring people together be it for supper or for syarahan is enough for me to be inspired by your actions. Thank you Walid for the thoughts and concern for the ummah.

Not forgeting 17. Rufihaza Ramlee for giving feedback and suggestion on certain issues. The tudung issue and also your interesting insights on the contemporary issues. Thank you for giving me your perspective of things.

I have so many people to thank. If i were to go on with this list, it will never end.

For those names not mentioned here, fret not, you are far from forgotten. You will always be in my heart nevertheless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Message For Apex Mentors


Principle-Centred Leadership by Eusof

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Healing and other natural wonders

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


You Are Not In Love! You Are Fooled.

Last week, 10 Oct '08, i went for this talk at Toa Payoh HDB Hub with a good of friend of mine, Hafiz Hussain.

I was attending Dr Patricia Love's talk. It was about "Keys To A Smart And Happy Love Life".

At the first thought of it, it has to be about dating. Couples and love. Frankly, it is!

In fact more to just that. She was sharing with us the science of love. The chemicals that run inside our brains. The electric jolt that you get when you meet women or men.

Studying and learning about relationships have been a core part of my life as i know people are important to me. They are the most important thing in my life. That is why i humbled myself to attend the seminar when many refused to go thinking that it has to be against religious orientation, manipulative and perhaps unIslamic.

I must say it is knowledge. And all knowledge comes from God. For those who were there left home with a greater understanding of human relationships.

The first thing we learnt was the misconception of love. Many of us, as Dr Pat mentioned, are disillusioned by the definition of love. We are tricked into that sex and romance idea of love propagated by the media, movies and the society itself.

The moment she mentioned that many are disillusioned by the meaning of love, i felt a sense of relief for all this while learning about relationships assured my true understanding of people and relationships beyond the scope of sex and romance.

The Truth About Love
As what i have learnt in her talk, love is definitely different from infatuation and lust. This section of the talk gave a tremendous insight on the definition of love. And how people are deceived by the understanding of love. By this time i believe that most relationships (BGR) are disillusional. (Yes! I was right 6 years ago when i strongly urge people to refrain from BGR. The feeling of attraction for the other person is blatantly disillusional. Although many are stubborn and allow themselves to submit to their lust.)

She then explained the scientific process of the human body when we are infatuated or in lust. When a person is infatuated she feels 'high' whenever she's new in a relationship. What actually happens is that the brain secrete a chemical named dopamine (and some other chemicals) that stimulates the body to feel 'excited'. I can't explain better than this guy. Check out his blog. He is quite detailed.

So my point is, (this is gonna hurt) for those who are in a BGR, you are just in a state of disillusionment. Have you ever wondered why after about two years or less you feel less attracted to the girl or guy? Yes, the natural drug in your body has subsided. And you no longer feel excited. That's the reason why most BGRs fail after two years, some even before the two -year mark.

Oh, didn't i tell you that the blood does not flow to the neocortex (if the scientific term is correct) when people are in 'love'? It is the front part of the brain. And the front lobe of the brain serves as a thinking tool. With less blood in that portion of the brain, no wonder people who are so-called in love do stupid things cos they can't think rationally and logically for the obvious reasons.

Now this brings me to prostration (sujud). It made total sense when we have to prostrate in our prayers. God wants us to be thinkers. Well at least that makes sense to me. When we think, we are safe ourselves from self-disillusionment. Blood flows to the front part of the brain! Isn't it amazing?! And just because of prostration, we become great thinkers and people with the highest form of logic. That's why i love muslims who never leave their prayers!

All in all i believe and i KNOW that all relationships have to be built. And what amaze me further about Dr Pat, she believes that true love start after marriage. Before marriage, most of the time it is fake, a social scam! Hahaha. I know. I sound harsh. Well let's face the brutal facts!

God's willing, i will post another thread on this subject. A more complete fact about men and women. How to face the differences and understand them. How to build great relationships and many more.

The talk made me speechless (not thoughtless okay). I just love it! Next time if i ask you to come along just come okay. Don't miss the wonders of knowledge!

Till then, leave your comment!

This wil be interesting!


The Power of Your Positive Mind

Positive thinking is like some hyped-up thingy. Something like we have always told ourselves, "What nonsense! Let's be realistic." "How can you think positively if the situation is obviously very bad?!"

This is what i hear from the people around me. Well i must say, positive thinking is a matter of paradigm. You can't force yourself into it. (Actually, you can lar.)

More often than not, we fail to see things in a different perspective. I learnt from a dear friend of mine quite recently about positive thinking. His humble actions taught me a lot.

We have heard of the well-known Fadzuli, and he is coaching 200 students in his internet venture. The last time i kept myself updated he had only 7 students. What went through my mind was, "WHAT?!" Only SEVEN?! You are not even close to 200!

However, his words humbled me when he continued to say that he was grateful to God for this. I was speechless. Suddenly, as if a bolt of light -light of enlightenment- penetrate through my heart.

Accompanied with his gratitude, he showed much enthusiasm to search for more students.

Now, do you see the paradigm shift. I don't know if you can see it. I do. It's like seeing things with a different set of lenses.

Positive thinking changes how you perceive things in life. And this is one of the greatest asset you can have.

I have friend whom i dear deeply. "How can we be positive about unity when we see so much diversity in people?! Is this self-disillusioning?" We were talking about religious affair within our community and i beg to differ in opinion.

The way i see it, the diversity in culture and practices can only bring us together. I see it as an opportunity to unite people. I see the need to understand differences in practices. I see the appreciation of differences in the time to come. I was wowed! The fact that we can actually unite people in this huge manner. To embrace diversity in unity. So diversity is not bad after all.

I still do believe that some people don't and will not understand this paradigm shift. Nevertheless, hopefully they do one day.

Below is an excerpt extracted from May it be enriching to everyone who reads it.

Start thinking you can do things.

When people believe in themselves they learn the first secret of success.

Practice hope.

As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.

Get fired up with enthusiasm.

Those fired up with an enthusiastic idea, and who allow it to take hold and dominate their thoughts, find that new worlds open for them.

Stretch beyond your current limits.

We can do just about anything that we really want and make up our minds to do. We are all capable of greater things than we realize.

Practice happy thinking.

Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate. Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit, and life will become a continual feast.

Like attracts like.

If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.

Maintain enthusiasm through tough times.

Cushion the painful effects of hard blows by keeping the enthusiasm going strong.

Believe things will turn out well.

Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.


Hope to hear your side of things. Leave a comment.

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